Friday, November 4, 2016

How Audio Books Can Change the World.

Lately I have decided to read more. Real books, too, not just magazines, and websites about the coming election and the collapse it is sure to cause. Though, just between you and me it is pretty much over after the next election. According to my research the world is laughing its collective buttocks off at our choice of candidates. Further research has indicated that both candidates are a source of the uncontrolled mirth. But, sometimes it doesn't seem that funny here.

But, back to books, I have been reading them. Real books, made from real paper, and I have been enjoying that quite a bit. So much so, in fact that I got an app from my local library, two apps really, that lets me "borrow" audio books and listen to them while I drive.

It is a great way to pass the time while you are driving. And it is so much safer than trying to turn the page at 70 miles an hour. Of course, it is still a good idea to pay attention to driving. Swerving accidentally into the other lane on the freeway can really irritate your fellow commuters. Soon the horns will be blaring, and the sounds of skidding tires and shrieking, crunching, bending metal can really interfere with your "reading" pleasure.

Oh, and you should tell all your family and friends to stop calling you. It is amazing how awful their timing will be. Right in the middle of a sentence your wife will call and say her water broke, and ask you to meet her at the hospital. As soon as the chapter is over, dammit.

So, check with your library, see what online delight they have to offer, You will thank me later.