Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome to Traveling for Everybody, not just Dummies.

Today we, here at Life Explained, are thrilled to launch our latest blog, the Life Explained Explains Traveling and Commuting extravaganza. Filled with travel tips, and commuting advice. And Videos. Recently we read that a good site (and we are assuming a blog as well) needs to have some videos, and this one will.

Not that we are particularly thrilled about traveling. Oh sure, we like to see new things, and meet new people. Everything is an adventure in a new place. There is always a little thrill to see what each new city holds tucked away. But, as far as climbing in a car and driving for hours, or days, or even worse crawling into an airplane and being thrown across the heavens by an unseen force, praying all the way, only to plummet to the ground at the other end, and hope you actually survive, well no thank you... But, that is not important.

People love travel blogs, and we want our piece of the pie, or cake, or lasagna, or pizza, whatever food metaphor you find appropriate.

And we do know quite a bit about commuting, we average about ten commutes a week. Depending on how you figure averages. If you took the average week we have ten commutes, sure. But, if you look at the whole year and remove the holidays, and vacation (See this blog for great vacation advice, this is too easy), then it would be less than ten... But, that doesn't really matter too much.

Anyway, enjoy the blog, and if you are a large hotel chain, or airline, or car rental business, or luxury spa who would like to get a little publicity we are looking for a sponsor, this kind of quality isn't cheap. It is free. But, that doesn't seem right.

Since we are just getting started we only have limited footage of commuting and vacationing. We took the liberty of combining them in one action packed video. We also took the liberty of labeling each section to avoid confusion. Thank you, David Lindley for our Favorite Version of Mercury Blues, playing in the background, you are a genius.