Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fly Me to the Moon, and then take a hard left, we still have a long way to go.

You know the real problem with space travel is that it takes so long. Which would be ok, because driving to Colorado takes quite a while, or flying to Las Vegas takes almost a week, or that is what it seems like sandwiched into that tiny seat, rocketing through thin air, drinking a 1/3 of a can of ginger ale.

The real difference is when you get to Colorado, or Las Vegas they are still there. But, if you point your space ship towards Mars, and start on your happy little vacation, family all loaded, flying across the great vacuum of space, and you arrive, Mars is hell and gone somewhere else.

"I knew we should have gotten better directions," your wife will say from the seat located right beside your ear.

"Are we there yet?" a thousand voices will ask from the two kids in the seat right behind you. Did they have to put the seats so close?

Before you know it the situation has exploded and the only thing that saves everybody from the shrapnel is pointed, venomous insults hurled around the cabin.

In seconds the situation is beyond control, and the anger hangs thick, and acrid in the air like smoke from a trash fire. Why do things always end up here. A simple little trip to another planet turns into a war.

But, there is a friendly Comet sliding by, Landing there is easy, now that those crafty Europeans figured it out.

A bite to eat, a bag of jerky, stretching of legs, and a little re-orientation, and you are on the way to Mars, vacation spot in the stars.

Space travel is not easy, so before you try it... Well, just don't do it, there is really nothing worth the hassle, and expense. There are some very nice places right here on Earth.